Of Farming

A Vertically Integrated National Grower

At Berry Brothers we are the distributor, the marketer, the packer, and the grower.  With over 2,000 acres of berries and over 25,000 acres of commodities, we love our land and the products we market. 
Through vertical integration, Berry Brothers has the experience and operational knowledge for each step of the fresh berry distribution process; from farming, growing, and packing to marketing and distribution. The Berry Brothers business model provides efficient in-house cost structures and the financial stability to ensure the success of our partners and vendors.

Fresh Grown Berries

We start by selecting the best farmland to provide the highest quality, best tasting Berries. Through sustainable agriculture we maintain the health of the soil.

Advanced Packing Solutions

Technology has revolutionized the produce industry, and we are at the forefront with a brand new, state-of-the-art, fresh packing facilities.​

Generations of Farming

Walker Farms is not just a farm, it’s a family legacy passed down for 5 Generations. We look forward to sharing our harvest with you. 

Farming is our Legacy

5 Generations of Farming have built a Legacy

Humble Beginnings: It started with our great-great grandfather who had a vision to support the community through farming.

We are proud to continue farming the land passed down from earlier generations and into the 21st Century.

This is not just a farm, it’s a family legacy passed down for 5 Generations. We look forward to sharing our harvest with you.



We are able to supply our customers year-round with a dependable supply of quality fresh blueberries.  Since we are a grower like our suppliers, our partnerships are built on mutual understanding, open and honest communication, as well as a passion for growing quality fruit.


Our facilities are within a short distance of major USA ports on the Eastcoast and provide excellent ocean freight service. Our strategic locations provide cost effective transportation to the across the United States, while optimizing fruit freshness.


Starting with a state of the art temperature controlled repack station, our facilities also offers multiple bulk packing options. We also take care of all the re-conditioning, re-stacking, and grading for importers.

State of the art Facilities

  • Electronic Grading, Sorting, and Tracking
  • Utilizing advanced Ag specific ERP (Caylix)
  • Over 150,000 sq/ft refrigerated space across multiple distribution facilites 
  • Organic and Conventional Packing Certification 

Where tradition meets innovation

Family owned and operated for over 150 years,  Walker Farms was founded by Mr. Walker. Born and raised on a Southern Georgia farm, Mr. Walker had a genuine love for sustainable agriculture and an entrepreneurial spirit that fueled a passion for growing his land. 

Today Technology has revolutionized the produce industry and the 5th Generation Berry Brothers continue with tradition. They bring a visionary leadership and a relentless ability to utilize innovative processes and technologies in farmingEvery challenge is embraced as an opportunity to grow and improve. With determination and an unwavering commitment to the Berry industry, Berry Brothers are poised to continue growing for generations to come.

Today, a 6th generation of family-operators are involved and working alongside some of the best professional leaders in the Berry industry. We are excited about the future, and invite you to be part of the journey and work with Berry Brothers.




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